Saturday, March 28, 2009

Total happiness

No more gypsum anymore. It was nightmare 20 days without ability to walk, to run, to ride... Right leg is little smaller than left one and it's funny :) I made a crack in splint bone 5 weeks ago by snowboard boot. Doctors said that I had closed wound only. I had been walking with crack in bone for 2 weeks. And after that I broke it totally. Now I can use my leg and it's happiness. Thanks for all Russian doctors :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Paralyzah: 30 Years

Yesterday we celebrated 30th anniversary of our musician, Michael "Paralyzah" Kondratyev. At the moment his tracks are released by the following labels: Respect Rec (Russia), Total Advance Music (Russia), KDK Rec (Russia), Gunsta Rec (Russia), MacroVision (Russia), Covert Operations (USA). He creates music mainly in drum'n'bass style, plus he is a DJ and promoter of "Untrace" promo-group. All soundtracks of our demos were written by him, you can check out some other tracks here:

Happy birthday, man!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Years ago I had website and I frequently posted demos. But years ago I totally switched into Unigine project also. And once I forgot to made payment for the domain name. Currently is a dead site, but you can have access to it at address. I hope the situation with domain name will be resolved and will be alive as soon as possible.

Three weeks ago I started work on dynamical backed into the vertex buffer skinned meshes to reduce amount of vertex shaders in Unigine. Unfortunately two weeks ago I had broken my leg :) So this interesting task is unfinished now and I will report results when I will work in the office, because at home I have only a Linux based PC.

How can we use uniform scaling with dual quaternions? It's simple. First quaternion in the pair is normalized one and we can scale it on decomposing stage. And on composing we can easily calculate quaternion magnitude and it will be its own scaling.

And now I can't ride snowboard :(

Monday, March 16, 2009

Next Stage

Suddenly I realized that our company (Unigine Corp.) has passed the startup stage. We are a good team working on the project for years, we have good customers, we have our main product constantly improving on schedule, so things seems to be changed to steady growth. Well, that's all for good, lets keep on moving forward.