Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Years ago I had website and I frequently posted demos. But years ago I totally switched into Unigine project also. And once I forgot to made payment for the domain name. Currently is a dead site, but you can have access to it at address. I hope the situation with domain name will be resolved and will be alive as soon as possible.

Three weeks ago I started work on dynamical backed into the vertex buffer skinned meshes to reduce amount of vertex shaders in Unigine. Unfortunately two weeks ago I had broken my leg :) So this interesting task is unfinished now and I will report results when I will work in the office, because at home I have only a Linux based PC.

How can we use uniform scaling with dual quaternions? It's simple. First quaternion in the pair is normalized one and we can scale it on decomposing stage. And on composing we can easily calculate quaternion magnitude and it will be its own scaling.

And now I can't ride snowboard :(


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  2. mate, it's a good time to have a good rest:)

  3. о, наконец то сайт снова работает! на нём будет появлятся что нибудь новое?

  4. Thanks for reincarnation!