Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DirectX 11 tessellation samples

In the DirectX 11: Tessellation in Stalker: CoP, Dirt 2, Unigine and Alien vs. Predator article people mentioned that only our art sample really utilizes tessellation capabilities to improve image quality: "Only one that was a visually significant improvement was the displacement mapping on the roof. That should be a nice improvement over the various surface mapping techniques, bump, normal, POM, etc. that don't do nearly as good a job."

All hail our artists, who created that art asset! By the way, stay tuned for much more.


  1. um, do you really plan to use this tesselation stuff? well except for marketing bullshit =)

  2. Yeah, we do. Our artists made a lot of research how to create assets for it and now we are working on medium-sized DX11 demo.