Thursday, March 25, 2010

OpenGL 4.0

All Direct3D11 features are in OpenGL 4.0 right now.

* hardware tessellation via ARB_tessellation_shader
* supersample antialiasing via ARB_sample_shading
* dual source blending via ARB_blend_func_extended

And we have same rendering quality under Direct3D11 and OpenGL.
Main OpenGL problem is poor performance:)


  1. Hi Frustum, I noticed this performance slowdown. Do you have any idea why?

    When you released Tropics benchmark I tested it with Windows DX10, Windows OGL and Linux OGL. And Linix OGL had a slight advantage over DX10, but Windows OGL was about 60% performance of the Linux OGL.

    Now with the Heaven 2.0 Benchmark, I have noticed strange numbers (sorted by best performance):

    Windows Vista DX10, 9800 GTX - FPS: 44.6 / Score: 1124
    Windows Vista OGL, 9800 GTX - FPS: 42.4 / Score: 1068
    Windows 7 DX10, 9600 GT - FPS: 40.5 / Score: 1021
    Kubuntu 9.10 OGL, 9600 GT - FPS: 24.9 / Score: 626
    Kubuntu 9.10 Wine OGL, 9600 GT (Detected as Unknown) - FPS: 10.1 / Score: 255
    Windows 7 OGL, 9600 GT - FPS: 9.7 / Score: 244
    Kubuntu 9.10 Wine DX9, 9600 GT (Detected as Unknwon) - (crashed about the middle) FPS until crash: 9.x

    I have no idea why OpenGL3.x had this performance slowdown.

    My Linux driver: 195.36.15
    Windows driver:

    The windows one still outdated, I will update and rerun the windows benchmarks.

    I'm awaiting Phoronix cross-platforms benchmarks too to compare my results.

  2. I believe that OpenGL performance will increase in future:)