Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Screenshots Buzz

Recently we have shown a bunch of screenshots from our forthcoming game, which created some buzz. Linux users are especially enthusiastic about the fact that the project will natively support both Windows and Linux (thanks to Michael Larabel for posting news item on Phoronix website).

The bad thing is that we still don't know even a genre of our game %) In fact, we intended to make a large tech-demo, but eventually we came up to the small game idea. According to the first feedback users expect the project to deliver fun, so it's kinda complicated situation for us. Well, it seems that we have no other option than to make a full-featured game =)

PS: Another fun thing is that the news were translated into Russian and copied several times by different sites and blogs, so in the end overall data distortion was so severe that a reader can get to know about "unique feature of the project: unlimited multiplayer!", while there was no single word with "net" in the original entry.

More to come, stay tuned!

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