Sunday, April 26, 2009

stdlib performance

This is a relative performance of some standard library function.
String::atoi() and String::atof() are Unigine functions.

Windows (Core2 Quad 2400MHz):
atoiTime: 0.276FPS: 3.6231
strtolTime: 0.278FPS: 3.6001
String::atoiTime: 0.095FPS: 10.4853
atofTime: 2.104FPS: 0.4752
strtodTime: 2.127FPS: 0.4701
String::atofTime: 0.349FPS: 2.8644

Linux (Athlon 64 X2 2140MHz):
atoiTime: 0.271FPS: 3.6840
strtolTime: 0.301FPS: 3.3271
String::atoiTime: 0.112FPS: 8.9447
atofTime: 1.337FPS: 0.7480
strtodTime: 1.224FPS: 0.8168
String::atofTime: 0.328FPS: 3.0481

1 comment:

  1. O.o Greate results! Greeting! Could you show a bit of code? It is very curious :)
    PS. а все-таки зачетные результаты!