Friday, April 30, 2010

PlayStation3 Unigine status IV

And Unigine Heaven running on the PlayStation3, without tessellation of course ;)


  1. What comes as a bottleneck on PS3 - geometry, shaders, fill rate or anything else? How are you going to solve it?
    P.S. There is a huge difference between debug and release builds on PC. Could you post the score with all optimizations enabled (ppu-gcc -O2 -m64 build or something similar)?

  2. Performance of RSX is approximately equal to performance of GeForce 7800 with 128Bit bus. Main bottleneck is fragment shader processing and fill rate now. It will be more simple shaders for shading and postprocessing with good vectorize. There is no big difference between debug and release builds because of GPU limited render. I will post updated demo benchmarks soon.